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Integration of Primary Care and Oral Health

In order to enhance overall patient outcomes, it is crucial to integrate dental health and primary care. In addition, interest in and support for it are growing, according to a 2020 DentaQuest poll. Innovative models that combine dental treatment with medical, behavioral, and public health services are being developed and put into practice by Federally Qualified Health Centers. The topic of this monograph is these models. Healthcare companies are looking for new frameworks to assist them accomplish these goals as they concentrate on lowering costs, enhancing quality and patient involvement, and tackling chronic illnesses. One of the most well-liked frameworks is the patient-centered medical home (PCMH). Primary care managed by a competent provider of the patient's choice is promoted by PCMHs, which are health care models. By fostering connections, emphasizing preventive and general wellbeing, and attending to each patient's particular requirements, these doctors and their staf