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How Primary Health Care Teams See How Oral Health Fits In

Whether you're a primary healthcare provider or a person who needs dental care, it's important to know how primary healthcare teams think about incorporating oral health into their practices. This will help you make sure that your dental care is the best it can be. Using a co-location model to provide dental and medical care can help improve access to health care. It can improve both the health outcomes and the way care is coordinated. In California, there aren't many community health centers (CHCs) that offer medical and dental care. About a third of CHCs did not have dentists on site. Also, only 8% of community health centers were within a mile of a dentist. Between 2007 and 2014, the number of FQHCs with on-site dental services went up significantly, but the number of sites without on-site dental services went up from 16% to 27%. This shows that FQHCs don't have enough dentists on staff. Even though there are guidelines for oral health, there isn't much agreemen