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Barriers and Facilitators in the Integration of Oral Health With Primary Care

One of the barriers to the integration of oral health into general health care is the lack of effective interdisciplinary collaboration . There is also a lack of explicit guidance from dental professionals or health authorities on oral health. The isolation of dental care systems from other sectors is a further barrier, as is the lack of purposeful sampling of patients to achieve more effective integration of oral health. Providing oral health education to people with SMI is an important step toward improving their dental care. However, if an intervention is to be effective, it must tackle the most relevant barriers. A study conducted by researchers at the University of York investigated the oral health care options available to those suffering from SMI. The findings suggest that an integrated model of care can provide a valuable service to this group of individuals. In addition, it was found that social support is necessary for learning to use an oral health program. One of the study&